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A relaxed, informal village pub set in the Wye Valley just 3 miles from Ross-on-Wye and 6 miles from Monmouth. Owned and managed by people who are passionate about food, nearly all of our produce is sourced from within 30 miles of Walford, some even comes from our very own farm!

We produce and source as much of our produce as possible from our 1000 acre Farm and Estate 2 miles away. The rest we source from other local farmers and producers. Buying locally means fewer "food miles" which minimises CO2 emissions and also reduces the need for packaging as food transported a shorter distance requires less protection. This is vital to reduce the environmental impact on our world. Using seasonal, fresh, locally produced and sourced ingredients also ensures we support the local economy and guarantees we get the highest possible nutritional value from all the food we serve our customers.

We select our suppliers with care ensuring we visit their farms and premises, discuss their production methods to ensure as far as possible that our food is produced using ethical farming methods. We ensure our suppliers have the same high standards as us both in terms of quality and environmental standards. We then select the best quality produce on offer on a day to day basis.

While it is more difficult for us to source fish locally, although we do wherever we can, we buy our fish from suppliers who uphold the standards of the Marine Stewardship Council and the Marine Conservation Society to minimise environmental concerns and ensure our fish is supplied from non-depleted stocks and from businesses using sustainable fishing methods.

Our produce board by the entrance lists some of our local suppliers who we are delighted to work closely with to ensure we deliver our customers the best quality food possible.
In addition to producing our own food and buying locally, other measures we take to reduce our environmental impact are:

  • To minimise food waste we cook meals freshly to order and are also careful not to over-order from our suppliers (which sometimes means at busy times we sell out of popular dishes);
  • To minimise our impact on landfill, we give the fat from our fryers to a local business to convert into fuel; we compost our vegetable waste together with egg shells, egg boxes, tea bags and coffee grouts; and we recycle our glass bottles, plastic containers, cardboard boxes and newspapers;
  • To reduce CO2 emissions we encourage our staff to walk or cycle to work;
  • To reduce our energy consumption we are replacing light bulbs with energy saving bulbs, where possible; we use solar powered lights in the garden; we ensure our electrical equipment is regularly maintained so it works as efficiently as possible and we fell trees from our own sustainable woodlands to burn on our wood burner in winter.

We have been doing "green" things ever since we opened in 2005 and our efforts were recognised in the PubChef Awards which named us as The Green Initiative Pub of 2009.  We believe that all businesses have a duty to do whatever they reasonably can to ensure that their impact on the environment is minimised.

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